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Deep Sleep Kit

Deep Sleep Kit

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Get easy access to the natural tools your body needs for better rest with our Deep Sleep Kit, a complete, effective and simple way to get aromatherapy support for a better night’s rest. This kit includes three powerful tools, Magnesium Sleep Spray, Restful Sleep and the Dew Drop Diffuser. Create a natural ambiance of tranquil calm and deep relaxation using only natural ingredients. Enjoy the restful benefits of pure aromatherapy without the chemical side-effects of off-the-shelf sleep aids.

Our Restful Sleep essential oil blend is carefully crafted to help you and your family unwind, relax, and release tension so that when the sun rises, you can too. We've combined and concentrated premium botanicals shown to promote rest ... sweet Lavender, mellow Bergamot, restful Cedarwood, relaxing Lime, and calming Marjoram and Vetiver. This potent fusion will help you unwind, calm your mind, and ease into a good night's sleep. Use the Dew Drop Diffuser to effectively disperse this blend and fill your room with aromatherapy benefits and cool mist as it is a diffuser and humidifier in one. 

Get better balance for your mind and body with our Magnesium Body Spray, a convenient way to give your body access to the vital minerals it needs to stay calm, balanced, efficient and healthy. The benefits of natural magnesium include better system balance, smoother feeling skin, resilient muscles and better balance for multiple body systems. As a bonus, we’ve infused this effective mineral solution with best-quality organic Bulgarian Lavender essential oils for a sweet and floral embrace that carries complimentary aromatherapy benefits … better relaxation, stress relief, improved rest and sweet feelings of emotional balance.

How to Use:

  • Add a few drops of Restful Sleep blend to your diffuser and begin misting an hour before bedtime to help your body unwind for the night.
  • Sprinkle a few drops of Restful Sleep on a favorite blanket to give kids all-night gentle aromatherapy.
  • Use Magnesium Sleep Spray on clean, dry skin. Spritz lightly and gently massage for best penetration. Apply to feet, neck, shoulders, or feel free to target problem areas as necessary. 
  • Consider using Magnesium Sleep Spray just before bed for overnight deep-penetrating effects.